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The Heathens' ATC Swap!

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prairie_dweller @ 03:06 pm: Got a card!
Let's see, I received my card on the 23rd which was perfect timing; it was my first day back home from a two-week TDY in Virginia. It is quite a piece of art from nomadicdragon having an ocean scene with deep yellow light of sunset with a superimposed diamond area in the middle bearing a picture of a classical piece of statuary. As soon as I can dig my camera out of the closet I will try to include a pic. Or if nomadicdragon has a copy on her computer maybe she can attach it here.

If you can nomadicdragon please describe the particular processes that led you to choosing these elements for the card. I would like to hear what others consider when choosing elements, materials, themes, etc. for their cards.

On another topic, do folks put their cards into scrapbooks, hang them on their bulletin boards, or what? I actually keep mine in a large notebook full of baseball cards that is starting to exceed its capacity.

And cielamara, thank you for taking the time to organize the swap.


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Date:September 28th, 2006 12:24 am (UTC)
I'll post a copy of the card in the ATC swap in a second. There were all photos that I've taken over the last year or so. When I think of astrology, I immediately think of the sun. The sun has always been something that is powerful to me, as is the ocean.. I am at peace when I am near the ocean or a river, or just running water lol. Being a Gemini/Taurus cusp. I found the strong image of the female warrior to speak to me.. and I love blue lol.
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